The MECLABS Competitive Analysis Template

PowerPoint template to help you discover and evaluate your competitors

The research scientists at MECLABS Institute, parent research company of MarketingSherpa, always perform a competitive analysis for our research partners prior to designing experiments. They analyze:

  • Which companies are competing for the same attention, interest and clicks
  • How competitors express their value proposition
  • How the competition’s value proposition compares to the research partner’s value proposition
  • What revenue driving strategies competitors are not doing that we can take advantage of

By completing this template, you will be armed with the necessary intelligence to inform strategic decision making. You will illuminate your own strengths and weaknesses and reveal opportunities where you can gain competitive advantage.

Most of all, you will enable your team to better understand your industry in order to effectively achieve your objectives

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About MECLABS Institute

The journalism produced by the MarketingSherpa editorial team is powered by the research developed by its parent organization, MECLABS Institute.

For over 20 years, MECLABS has been the world’s largest independent research program focused on understanding why customers say “yes.” The Institute’s scientific approach, discoveries and patented heuristics have enabled marketers to achieve their goals.

There are three ways you can leverage MECLABS research:

  1. Access the 20+ years of research and discoveries published by our institute, available for free (and ungated) at
  2. Advance your career with online education and in-person training. On-demand courses allow busy professionals to study and master the material as their schedule allows. MECLABS instructors have conducted team-based training on corporate campuses and company headquarters across the nation. Learn more at
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